Funkadelic Astronaut is a New Jersey based Funktronica group.  Initially formed in 2013 as a duo, the group has gone through multiple lineups in the never-ending search for the perfect sound.  The band is currently a 3-piece consisting of Keyboardist Ryan Gavin, Drummer Kevin O’Neill, and newly added Bassist Sam Luba.

The band is known for their heavy improvisational style: mixing intricate compositions with extended jam sections, never playing a song the same way twice. Drawing on inspirations from classic funk bands and present day electronica, Funkadelic Astronaut blends the best of both worlds to provide a unique sound known as “Funktronica”.

The group remains committed to their ongoing mission of bringing their “A-game” to their true passion-moving people with their music.

In 2017, Funkadelic Astronaut released their first EP as a full live band titled “Emergency Exit”.

As of early 2018, the band is releasing singles off of their next EP “Magrathea”, which is planned for release in the Spring.

Funkadelic Astronaut has had the fortune to play festivals and venues such as:

  • Satellite Ranch Music and Arts Festival 2017
  • Mad Liberation Festival 2017
  • Froggy Daze 6 Music Festival 2017
  • Rock and Roll Resort 2016
  • House of Independents (with The New Deal) 2016
  • Creative Being 2015, Vernon NJ
  • Late Winter Jibber Jam 2015
  • Carpe Noctem Music Festival 2014
  • Fam Jamily Festival 2014
  • F.A.R.M. Music and Arts Festival 2014
  • May Day Music and Arts Festival 2014
  • Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ
  • Triumph Brewery, New Hope PA

Official Releases: