Magrathea by Funkadelic Astronaut

After a year of challenges and hard work, we are really proud to release our newest album: Magrathea!

This album is a bit of a departure from what we had been doing for the last few years. The most obvious difference is that 4 out of 5 songs on this album have lyrics. Compared with the zero tracks that we had leading up to this album: that’s an infinity percent increase in words!

Another big change in the sound is the lack of guitar. Our brother and friend Matt “Magic Mittens” Mautone has taken a break from the band in order focus on his family which includes his 1 year old daughter.

Despite the change in instrumentation, Magrathea is our fullest sounding production to date. I’m doing double duty on the keyboards now, playing two parts in most of the songs. This has really pushed my boundaries as a player, and I feel like I’m really growing as a musician.

This is also our first official release with our new bass player Sam “The Clam” Luba. Sam has been such an incredible asset to the band since joining. Not only has he learned our whole catalog, but 3 of the 5 songs on Magrathea were written by him. Sam is constantly trying to come to my studio and record new songs for the band.

I think of all the things we’ve done in the lifetime of the band, I am most proud of what we’ve accomplished this year in producing Magrathea. This is easily our most polished production to date, and our sound and songwriting are evolving in ways that really excite me.

We have a few shows on the horizon. Most notably: our album release show at Olive’s this coming Friday (March 9). In rehearsing for these shows we’ve really seen our playing hit a new level. We’re all extremely excited to share our hard work with the world.

Everyone at Funkadelic Astronaut is really proud of what we’re doing right now and we hope you find some inspiration in what we’ve been working on.

Much Love,