Cobblestone by Funkadelic Astronaut

Every so often as an artist, you produce something so effortlessly that you almost write it off as being “too easy”.

This is what happened with “Cobblestone”. Sam came to the studio with an idea for a track and within 2 hours we had finished the whole thing. Starting the next day, I had this song stuck in my head nonstop. I knew we had a winner.

“Cobblestone” is the perfect example of one of my favorite mantras “From quantity comes quality”. When you do a lot of art, a lot of it sucks, but what doesn’t suck is really great. Those really great pieces usually come about effortlessly because of how many times you’ve practice creating something.

We’re all super proud of “Cobblestone” and I think it really exemplifies our “new sound” for the upcoming album “Magrathea”.

I hope you enjoy it and let us know what you thought at one of our upcoming shows!

Until next time,