What to Do

What to Do by Funkadelic Astronaut

Hey Funky Family!

We are so proud to release our first single for our upcoming album Magrathea titled What to Do

What to Do is a song about getting shit done.

The day I wrote the song, I was musing about all the things I wanted from my life and my music career and all at once it kind of hit me: I need to write more music.

So I went over to my computer and pegged out a pretty funky song. But it was missing something: lyrics.

I penned down the first melody which came to mind (first is always best as other artists can attest) and let the almost finish track breathe for a few days.

When it came time to write the actual lyrics, I remembered the burst of a realization that led to the creation of the song. The summary of that realization was “You know what you gotta do, so just get it done”.

And thus the track was born.

I hope you enjoy listening to the finished product as much as we did making it. Perhaps it can serve as that little push to get started on that thing that you know you gotta do.

Until next time, “you know what you gotta do”.

– Ryan