2017-09-01 – Satellite Ranch Music and Arts Festival

This labor day weekend we had the pleasure of playing at the inaugural Satellite Ranch Music and Arts Festival.

Our good friend Teddy Wampole along with his production company Funkstronaut Productions did such a great job with this new festival. We’ve been to quite a few new independent festivals over the years and this one impressed me the most. The lineup was stellar with artists like Horizon Wireless, Tractorbear, Ben Silver and Space Bacon.

Just as fantastic was the venue, Mountain Sky. There was an intimacy to the festival that I think sometimes gets lost when the venue is too large. Mountain Sky delivered the perfect setting for an intimate gathering of friends and music lovers and I hope to see the festival return there next year.

The band performed particularly well this weekend in my opinion. We debuted a new song that I wrote called “What to Do” which is our first song with lyrics. It isn’t particularly complex lyrically, but the message is strong and important: “you know what you’ve got to do, so just get it done”. This mantra was beating in my head the morning I wrote the song and it feels good to see it out in the world.

Other notable highlights include the jam in Magrathea and the strong PCRB > BeU > PCRB segment proposed by our very own Sam “Setlist” Luba. Sam has been such a great addition to the band and he brings a lot to the table. His love of the Disco Biscuits really shines through in his creative setlist construction. I’m looking forward to seeing more interesting setlists written by Sam, especially as our catalog grows.

Overall this was really a fantastic weekend. We played well, the other artists crushed it, and we got to enjoy the festival as attendees for once. Usually we have to leave shortly after playing our set, but most of us were able to camp out Friday night and get the full experience.

Next up for us is Froggy Daze 6 on 9/14 followed by the debut of our side project Mission Control on 9/29 at Sticks and Stones in Hawthorne NJ. After that we are going to take some time off from playing out and record our next album which is aptly titled “5 Courses of Funk”.

I’m looking forward to seeing our friends and fans at Froggy Daze and even more excited to share some new music with everyone.

Until next time,